Kensington Community Corporation for Individual Dignity   

Staff and Board Members

KenCCID's Administrative Staff are very much acquainted with the Individuals they serve.  Many of them have been with the Agency for 10 years or longer and have come up through the "ranks", so they are very much in tune with what the needs and challenges of the Agency's Individuals.
Many of our Direct Care Staff have also been with the Agency for 10 years or more and have truly created a "family" environment for the Agency's Individuals.

Executive Director                         Maku Warrakah-Ali, MBA

KenCCID's "Grass roots" Board includes a cross section of Community Members who support our cause and includes members who are family of some of KenCCID's Individuals. 
If you are interested in becoming a member of our Board, please submit a letter of interest.


President:                    Linell Burrell, PhD
Vice President:            Joan Hecht
Secretary:                    Susan Ciabattoni
Treasurer:                    William Rosenberg


Ruth Frank

Milton Frank

Marcia L. Weinberg

Lisa A. Hanssen, Esq.

Harriet Plavcan

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